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View and download our guide to our range of EdgeAI cameras- 5MP and 4K STARVIS camera series capable of providing AI on the Edge- no additional hardware needed!

If there’s not an AI license available to match your requirements; you can make your own with our YOLO engine.



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LILIN UK announces new UK distribution partner- OneAV.

LILIN are pleased to launch their new distribution partnership with OneAV at EI Live! 

OneAV are a specialist B2B trade-only distributor who endeavours to supply the complete equipment list for audiovisual installations including whole-home AV, media rooms, commercial premises and outdoor projects. Founded in 2016, OneAV now distributes over 40 brands across product categories with ranges to suit residential and commercial channels.

After meeting through LILIN’s sponsorship of Chris Pinder’s Marathon Des Sables fundraiser for Together for Cinema, LILIN and OneAV have found a shared interest in providing both quality products and excellent customer support and have decided to continue to work together as distribution partners to support LILIN’s continued growth in the Custom Install market.

OneAV have already undergone product training and the extended LILIN product range is available on their webstore, with up-to-date stock levels that will allow you to place orders with confidence- ready for use now! With their locally held stock, OneAV are ready to assist their customers with finding an NDAA-compliant security solution; with established Home Automation drivers providing deep integration.

LILIN UK CEO Steve Liddiard is thrilled with this new partnership. “I’m delighted to have OneAV on board as a stocking distributor- and that they’re going to be taking on the full LILIN product range. The team are enthusiastic, and we’ve prepared well to be ready to hit the ground running. We’ve also been discussing some interesting projects with HDANYWHERE- so keep an eye out for those!”

Find out more about OneAV at their website.


High-Speed Solutions from LILIN UK.

Image courtesy of FOXY RED photography; part of Stu Stretton Media

Image courtesy of FOXY RED photography; part of Stu Stretton Media

LILIN were pleased to work with distributor CMS to provide an interesting system outside of our normal installations for Forest Edge Kart Club, who needed a pop-up system for use at their Race Day events. These cameras were needed to assist with marshalling and recording the karts during the races in case of an incident that needs review, whilst also providing a live stream to the club’s website.

Forest Edge Kart Club is built on Ministry of Defence land, and access is limited to specified dates; with races occurring on weekends. The main system- barring a couple of agreed-upon cameras overseeing the outbuildings that would only be turned on during events – could therefore not be a permanently installed one.

LILIN were presented with the challenge of creating a solution that could be easily deployed on race weekends, before being safely stored away, without requiring excessive setup or configuration each time the system was brought out. In total, taking the system out of storage, temporary installation and set-up takes around 2hrs to complete- tying in well with race day prep.

LILIN’s specialist, 120FPS cameras provided the high-quality images at high speeds that Forest Edge needed, and 9 cameras in total were used to cover the track. A Navigator Server, running NAV3.0 software, was commissioned to record the events and provide a frame-by-frame review facility for incidents. Before this, the club had no way of policing the race- and so incorrect penalties could be issued based on witness testimony. Now, any false starts, safety issues or other disputes can be reviewed with members in great detail for a fair and accurate judgement.

Image courtesy of FOXY RED photography; part of Stu Stretton Media

Image courtesy of FOXY RED photography; part of Stu Stretton Media

The MSUK clerks at Forest Edge Kart Club agree: “Judicial hearings in Karting have always been a case of asking the parties involved what happened and written witness statements from officials to decide what happened. Since the installation of the camera system, we can view and review clear video evidence and also show this to all parties involved. This enables us to make faster decisions and allows competitors to review what happened rather than what they remember. We are also able to take video clips to save as evidence should this be required, which preserves the evidence for any future requirements. In all, the system has made the process faster, easier, and above all else, more factual.”

Races, practices, and other events are streamed live on their website for their fans- a simple endeavour, as LILIN camera streams can be easily added to OBS software, compiling multiple camera streams and other sources into one view.

Forest Edge are very pleased with the solution- when asked about his experiences with the cameras, chief operator Michael Parsons said “The LILIN cameras are the key component in our system and have fully met our exacting requirements; we would highly recommend it for any similar applications. The ZFR8122 cameras were selected for their excellent optical quality with 120fps and durability in an outdoor setting where reliability is paramount. The high frame rate was a key factor to allow us to slow down footage without losing quality and enables the kart club to maintain its position as one of the leading kart tracks in the UK.

They are hoping to deploy this solution at Kart Clubs across the country, impressed with both the quality of image and ease of operability they have with the LILIN solution. It’s a comparatively cost-effective solution that has proven easy to use- and provides quality video with plenty of detail and no latency.

Wendy Ficken, Business Development Manager, commented: “It’s been a real pleasure to work with Forest Edge on this occasion, and to have a project that is outside of our traditional project scope and has required us to think outside the box and find a different purpose for our security cameras!”

Products Used:

12 x ZFR8122EX, 120FPS IP Cameras.
1 x Navigator Server running NAV3.0 software.

Remote access to your CCTV system, regardless of where you are in the world, has become a standard and essential feature of any security system specification.

Unfortunately, in many cases the security of this access is not given due consideration and many surveillance systems are left vulnerable to outside access by third parties.

The LILIN UK Tech Team have compiled this document to highlight some of the most basic and common processes for securing online systems.

Download your copy here.

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View and download our guide to our 3 Series range of NVRs, 16 channel units providing up to 5MP recording resolution.

Our 3 Series NVRs vary in recording capability- from the entry level NVR3216, with 2 hard drive bays to provide 16TB recording, up to the NVR3816 with 8 hard drive bays to provide 64TB storage.



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View and download our guide to IVS 2.2- an upgrade to our new 2 and 3 series cameras that includes Human and Vehicle Detection!

Eliminate false alarms with these new detection options.



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*Updated September 2021 to include Z3 camera models.