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Intelligent Video Surveillance

LILIN’s new Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) iMEGAPRO cameras feature on board analytics that provide intelligent solutions, automatically analyzing captured video. IVS can detect, classify and count the behavior of objects over a selected distance in order to improve parameter security or improve security within certain areas.



Advanced Motion Detection
This enables you to detect motion and capture the event. Select an area in which you wish to detect motion, and use the arrow to determine the direction you want the motion to be detected. Motion in the selected area will trigger an alert.



Tripwire Detection
Tripwire detection can be used where physical security may be impractical, or even impossible – for example railway tracks. A line can be drawn anywhere on the scene to set your tripwire, which will then trigger an alarm when an object crosses this line.  It is also possible to set an arbitrary shape as a zone, which can be used to monitor intrusion.




Object Counting
This feature is able to accurately count objects entering and exiting a given area. This technology includes a People Counting feature, as well as a Vehicle Counting feature – to detect and track the vehicle in real time.



These features are available on the following iMEGAPRO cameras, click for more info:

IVS cameras


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