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Introducing the NVR 3 Series from LILIN. A new generation of NVRs.

NVR Heander- smallerLILIN are delighted to announce the launch of the NVR 3 Series, our 3rd generation of HD IP Network Video Recorders.

Offering improved performance, yet delightfully simple to use, the NVR 3 Series works with IP drivers for all leading CI platforms, providing seamless integration. Compatible with all LILIN 4MP cameras, images on the NVR 3 Series are stunning to look at. The NVR 3 Series can also be viewed and controlled with our leading mobile App, LILINViewer.

Users of the NVR 3 Series will benefit from 96Mbps throughput, 480FPS on all 16 channels, 5MP Camera Resolution and benefit from LILIN’s standard 3 year warranty, offering piece of mind.

The variants within the NVR 3 Series are:

NVR3816: 8 internal HDD bays, touch screen, up to 64TB, 19″-2U rack mount, redundant NIC, redundant PSU, 16DI/4DO.

NVR3416: 4 internal HDD bays, up to 32TB, 2DI/2DO, rack mount kit included.

NVR3216: 2 internal HDD bays, up to 16TB, 2DI/2DO, rack mount kit included.

For more information, please contact LILIN on 0870 120 5550.


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