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LILIN launch new 5MP HD IP Body Camera

IPG1052ESComplementing the already established iMEGAPRO series, the IPG1052ES is a 5MP HD IP body camera. Capable of streaming HD video streams at up to 12 FPS at 5MP, or 30FPS at 2MP/1080P, this latest addition to the range provides a solution our highest resolution ever.

Featuring wide dynamic technology, the IPG1052ES captures highlights and shadows simultaneously eliminating pixilation and smear. Combine this with 3D noise reduction and adaptive tone reproduction and the contrast of images in bright/dark areas is dramatically improved.

The IPG1052ES provides diverse alarm functions such as motion, audio, tampering, and face detection. Furthermore, with LILINs Sense Up+ technology, the body camera provides the ultimate low-light image without any motion blur or noise. Additional features include 4 privacy zones, comprehensive scheduling, 2-way audio and weighted mode.

Shipped with free CMX central management software the camera offer an exceptional range of functions including EPOS connectivity and database searching. CMX will scan the network for all active IP cameras. You can then continue to view, record and manage up to 36 channels of video recordings completely free, without any attached license fees.

For images or further information please contact Sara-Jane King


IPG1052ES Datasheet

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