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Say hello to the camera that brings you 4 x more definition
The 4K Ultra HD camera enhances HD images by providing four times HD picture. The LILIN UHG1182 offers outstanding compression rates at 8Mbps producing very high quality video.
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• Ultra HD 12.0 megapixel CMOS image sensor
• 4K True H.264 AVC High Profile video compression
• H.264 and Motion JPEG multi-profile video streaming
• 3D noise reduction (MCTF)
• 2D WDR function
• Digital PTZ supported
• Tampering / Audio / Motion detection alarm function
• Day & Night (IR cut removable)
• 2-way audio supported
• Digital I/O : 1 in, 1 out
• ONVIF supported
• RS-485 supported
4K video image
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LILIN are pleased to announce that the L Series and iMEGAPRO cameras are now  compatible with an even larger capacity SD/Micro SD card of 128GB*.

Having SD/ Micro SD capabilities on your LILIN IP camera allows you to record quality HD IP 1080P video directly to the SD/ Micro SD card plugged into your camera.

There are a number of different ways to manage your card recordings on your LILIN IP cameras; using CMX, Internet Explorer, the LILIN APP or by plugging your SD / Micro SD card directly into your PC.

It is possible to playback recordings on the SD/Micro SD card using a simple calendar search.   You can access playback by browsing through the recordings and searching by entering the relevant date and time information.

Recording on the SD / Micro SD card are saved as AVI files. This allows them to be simply exported and used where required.

The SD/Micro SD card can be set for continuous recording or triggered on an alarm event. These include: motion detection, audio detection and Digital Input alarms, These alarms can be set to permanently trigger on set on a schedule*. Once the card is full, it will automatically overwrite on previous recorded files so there is no worry to miss out any unforeseen event.

If connection to a network is lost, the camera can continue to the installed SD / Micro SD card** ensuring you always have an available backup.

*Schedule only available on the L Series.

** Local power for cameras is required to achieve this.


LILIN delivered ‘the complete HD experience’ at Skydd 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden last week.  Those who visited the LILIN stand learnt about three innovative HD IP technology solutions; the NVR Touch, the HD Decoder and the latest generation of iMEGAPRO cameras.

LILIN demonstrated the recently launched NVR Touch; the world’s first standalone NVR that enables simultaneous recording of 16 HD IP video channels at 25 FPS. In addition to familiar DVR-style controls, a unique multi touchscreen interface allows for simple operation. The touch screen operation was demonstrated and projected onto large monitors, grabbing the attention of many.

The latest iMEGAPRO range received constant attention due to the 3MP quality delivering stunning low light images. Sense Up+ technology, a unique feature of LILIN cameras, utilizes intelligent image signal processing, providing the ultimate low light image without motion blur. Available models include CS mount box cameras, vandal-resistant domes, mini-domes, the world’s first external HD IR camera with a 60m range and the world’s smallest 1080P camera.

LILIN’s HD 1080P real-time decoder was also on show. Enabling full screen or quad viewing of HD IP cameras streamed directly to a monitor without a PC, the decoder has a HDMI output and benefits from keyboard control enabling up to 255 cameras to be selected. As another product to benefit from brilliantly simple touch screen control, LILIN’s decoder is the most cost effective way to get HD IP video direct to your monitor.   The HD decoder won the ‘innovative achievement’ award at the Detektor awards ceremony held in conjunction with the exhibition. Jason Hill, Group Vice President of LILIN collected the award during a ceremony attended by 550 invited guests, “We were delighted to be nominated for an award, but to receive the innovation title is brilliant. The unique standalone solution we have developed is just one of the ways we have brought simplicity to the installer; our innovation is paving the way for the rest of the security industry. We are very proud to have received the award and to have been recognized for our efforts in advancing the security sector.”

Skydd 2012 proved to be a success for LILIN with unique products, features and technologies leaving visitors amazed.
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