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LILIN cameras are helping windsurfers to keep up-to-date with the latest weather and conditions in Vassiliki, Greece. The stunning live feed shows the view of Vassiliki bay from the southern shore, current conditions, waves and surfers. It of course leaves us wishing we were there – but the camera practically delivers that to our screens through top quality streaming, providing users of the specialist surf centre & those online with accurate up-to-the-minute weather reports. Have a look at what’s going on in Vassiliki right now.

This is a LR7022 LILIN Camera being used in combination with the Streamdays video streaming service. Streamdays can support any LILIN IP camera for this purpose, which means that there is the possibility of having multiple pre-set views and auto-touring on PTZ cameras. For more information on how you could be using Streamdays with LILIN IP Cameras, follow this link:

Find out more about our LR7022 here.

For further information on purchasing the LR7022 please call us on 0870 120 5550.

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New Extra Vegetables Driver for Full Operation of the NVR Touch using the Control4 Remote

Control4In January, the integration of LILIN IP products with Control4 systems was launched. LILIN now announces that users of Control4 systems have full integration of the NVR Touch using the Control4® remote.

The release of the free, Extra Vegetables driver means users can now fully control the NVR Touch from the same platform that controls other appliances in their home or business, all with their Control4remote. Control4ʼs SDDP automatically identifies and loads the correct driver for the NVR Touch, making installation virtually instantaneous. After highlighting and double-clicking the room in which the platform is installed, the driver instantly configures itself into the system. After making any optional settings, the HDMI output simply connects in Composer.

The groundbreaking NVR Touch allows users to benefit from a standalone Network Video Recording solution, meaning Control4 users can view 16 channels of HD (1080P) IP video simultaneously at 25FPS via HDMI. This means users can take advantage of the fantastic real time images of LILIN cameras from the screens around the home, including various moving matrix controls.

With the use of the LILIN UI, users can also manage the numerous features of the NVR, including providing control of live images and accessing all of the NVR menus and playback. A simple date and time search menu allows users to browse through the recordings on the NVR, which can then be exported to DVD or USB if required.

If cameras connected to the NVR have PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) capabilities, then users can control these from the driver. By simply selecting the camera full screen, then using the UI, images can be adjusted using the navigation keys. Users can also recall any of the camera presets at the simple press of a button.

Control4 and Extra Vegetables will both be showcasing the new driver at the 2013 CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado, September 25th – 28th. Control4, along with LILIN, can be found at Stand #608, with Extra Vegetables at Stand #644. The free driver is available now to download by visiting or by using the SDDP to install the driver.

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The VD022 standalone HD decoder from LILIN is the simple monitoring solution to connect to and display live images from LILIN IP cameras.

In locations where only live video display is required— such as a store entrance, the VD022 provides the solution to connect a camera to your IP system.

Without the HD decoder it would not be possible to view camera images on a monitor unless you used a PC or NVR. In most environments this is not a feasible option; there is either no room for a PC to be positioned next to a monitor or it can’t be built into the surrounding wall or ceiling.

The smart solution to expanding your IP system, the HD decoder allows you to connect a monitor with a single camera or 4 cameras as a quad view. As you can incorporate numerous HD decoders into your IP system it is possible to have multiple monitor locations.

The virtual matrix functionality of the VD022 standalone HD decoder also allows the viewing of Network and Digital Video Recorders from a remote location. Just by adding the device to your existing LILIN system and connecting to a HDMI monitor it is possible to view your 16 channel NVR/DVRs and HD IP cameras.

The LILIN HD Decoder decodes full 1080P video at up to 30FPS. The unit can be controlled by an IR remote control, keyboard, web interface or touch screen monitor – so changing your displayed cameras is easy.


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iMEGAPRO cameras feature ‘Sense Up+’ technology which successfully combats the key disadvantages of most other HD IP cameras; namely poor low light sensitivity and motion blur. Sense Up+ does not rely on frame integration so the problem of motion blur is eliminated.

The iMEGAPRO series II range utilizes a highly sensitive 1080P CMOS sensor, capable of streaming stunning video at 30 FPS. Series III offers a 3MP at 15 FPS option. Each camera produces four independent video streams at a recording rate of up to 30FPS. The benefits associated mean different streams can be used for different applications, depending on the users requirements. For example, smaller files sizes can be optimized for mobile device viewing.

Further features include Region of Interest (ROI), where a designated area within a camera view can record at a higher FPS; e-Tour which enables a digital PTZ within the camera video stream; Weighted Mode where the video FPS on alarm is higher; IR illumination up to 60m; and alarm activation by motion, tamper, face and audio detection.

Each camera offers 8 privacy zones, PoE and uses LILIN’s outstanding GUI for user-friendly integration, configuration and operation.

The entire iMEGAPRO range is ONVIF compliant and compatible with most leading VMS solutions.

Models Available:



IPR-7334SX5 60m IR camera: Day/night, 3MP at 15FPS, 2048×1536 resolution, 10~50mm varifocal lens, 24Vac, 1 Lux, Sense Up+, IP66, 2 way audio, ONVIF, CMB, SD card, Region of Interest






IPR-434ESX3.6/ IPR-434ESX2.4 45m IR camera: Day/night, 3MP at 15FPS, 2048×1536 resolution, 3.3-12mm or 9-22mm varifocal lens, PoE+, 24Vac, 0.2 Lux, Sense Up+, IP66, 2 way audio, ONVIF, CMB, SD card, Region of Interest







IPR-7424ESX3.6/IPR-7424ESX2.4 35m IR camera: Day/night, 1080P at 30FPS, 1920×1024 resolution, 3.3-12mm or 9-22mm varifocal lens, PoE+, 24Vac, 0.4 Lux, Sense Up+, IP66, 2 way audio, ONVIF





IPR-722S4.3/IPR-722S6 20m IR camera: Day/night, 1080P at 30FP, 1920×1080 resolution, 4.3mm or 6mm lens, 12Vdc, 0.6 Lux, Sense Up+, IP66, ONVIF, CMB, PSU included, ONVIF, PSU included






IPD-6222ES4.3 Vandal resistant: 1080P at 30FPS, 1920×1080 resolution, 4.3mm lens, PoE, 0.6 Lux, Sense Up+, IP67, Audio input, ONVIF, Quadruple streaming






IPD-2220ES4.3 Internal low profile: 1080P at 30FPS, 1920×1080 resolution, 4.3mm lens, PoE, 0.6 Lux, Sense Up+, Internal, audio input, ONVIF, Quadruple streaming






IPR-320ESX IR Vandal resistant: Day/night, 1080P at 30FPS, 1920×1080 resolution, 3.3-12mm varifocal lens, PoE, 0.4 Lux, Sense Up+, IP66, ONVIF, Region of Interest, 21m IR illumination






IPD-2122S4.3 Internal mini-dome: Day/night, 1080P at 30FPS, 1920×1080 resolution, 4.3mm lens, 12Vdc, 0.6 Lux, Sense Up+, Internal, ONVIF, Quadruple streaming, PSU included






IPG-1022ESX3 Body camera: Day/night, 1080P at 30FPS, 1920×1080 resolution, 2.8-8mm varifocal lens, PoE, 12Vdc, 0.2 Lux, Sense Up+, Internal, ONVIF, 2 way audio, Bracket included






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