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The new IPR7722ESX  and LR7722X 2MP/1080P HD IP varifocal 35m IR cameras are an addition to LILIN’s established iMEGAPRO range. With a focal length range of 3.3-12mm, available in either PoE or 12Vdc and supplied with a cable managed bracket, there is no longer a need to pay a premium for HD quality.

As with all iMEGAPRO series cameras, the IPR7722ESX  and LR7722X incorporate Sense Up+, a unique technology from LILIN that successfully delivers stunning video in low light conditions. Utilizing intelligent image signal processing, AGC control and 3D noise reduction, the combination successfully delivers the ultimate low light image without motion blur.

With the IPR7722ESX  capable of producing four independent video streams at a recording rate of up to 30 FPS and the LR7722X capable of producing three independent video streams at a recording rate of up to 15 FPS; the different streams can be set for different applications, depending on the individual user requirements.

Further features include Region of Interest (ROI), e-Tour, 2-way audio, weighted mode, digital PTZ, PoE and alarm activation by motion, tamper, face and audio detection.

Featuring wide dynamic technology, the cameras capture highlights and shadows simultaneously eliminating pixilation and smear. Combine this with 3D noise reduction technology and adaptive tone reproduction and the contrast of images in

bright/dark areas is dramatically improved.

Connecting the cameras to your IP system is simple. Connect it to our NVR series and the installation wizard, WS Discovery, will locate all IP cameras on the network and generate a snapshot image of each channel, helping with identification and greatly speeding up commissioning.

Shipped with free CMX central management software the cameras offer an exceptional range of functions including EPOS connectivity and database searching. CMX will scan the network for all active IP cameras. You can then continue to view, record and manage up to 36 channels of video recordings completely free, without any attached license fees.

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IPR722ES Datasheet

LR7722ESX Datasheet