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LILIN are pleased to announce that the L Series and iMEGAPRO cameras are now  compatible with an even larger capacity SD/Micro SD card of 128GB*.

Having SD/ Micro SD capabilities on your LILIN IP camera allows you to record quality HD IP 1080P video directly to the SD/ Micro SD card plugged into your camera.

There are a number of different ways to manage your card recordings on your LILIN IP cameras; using CMX, Internet Explorer, the LILIN APP or by plugging your SD / Micro SD card directly into your PC.

It is possible to playback recordings on the SD/Micro SD card using a simple calendar search.   You can access playback by browsing through the recordings and searching by entering the relevant date and time information.

Recording on the SD / Micro SD card are saved as AVI files. This allows them to be simply exported and used where required.

The SD/Micro SD card can be set for continuous recording or triggered on an alarm event. These include: motion detection, audio detection and Digital Input alarms, These alarms can be set to permanently trigger on set on a schedule*. Once the card is full, it will automatically overwrite on previous recorded files so there is no worry to miss out any unforeseen event.

If connection to a network is lost, the camera can continue to the installed SD / Micro SD card** ensuring you always have an available backup.

*Schedule only available on the L Series.

** Local power for cameras is required to achieve this.